Symantec’s Internet security monitoring tool looks to provide more options for parental control.

An excerpt from InternetNews:

“We’ve become a big company. In doing so, when we do things, we do things in scale, and some times that takes a lot of process,” said Gerry Egan, director of product management for Symantec Research labs.

The objective of the new group is to try out the new ideas and make sure they’ve got something marketable before handing it over to a business unit for the full go to market business decision.

The group has done two previous products, one currently out called Symantec Database Security, and a Web-browsing product that lets you look at the content of a site before actually visiting to determine if there might be any dangerous content. This product is planned for the next release of Internet Security Suite later this year.

This third product, known as the Symantec Family Safety Initiative, took nine months from concept to fruition. Under normal Symantec development cycles, it would have taken twice as long, said Egan.

The tool provides varying degrees of control for parents to monitor kids’ online activities, which include chat rooms and social networking.