We’ve all seen IT job descriptions that are bizarre, like the ones that require the candidate to have 15 years experience in a technology that is only four years old. But this one is even odder.


A TechRepublic member recently e-mailed me a job description he found on Craigslist that perplexes him — and me too now that I’ve read it. The job description is for a Sys Admin and part of the requirements are:

“Ability to work with mathematical concepts such as probability and statistical inference, and fundamentals of plane and solid geometry and trigonometry. Ability to apply concepts such as fractions, percentages, ratios, and proportions to practical situations.”

The member says, “I have done a lot of IT sys admin type functions from mainframes, DEC VAX, Solaris to Linux, but have NEVER had to deal with geometry or trig (very rusty except for some home/shop/auto type projects). The stats I can see for performance modeling/tuning, but that’s as far as I can makes sense of this, unless it is some kind of ‘aptitude’ test notion that devolved into something ridiculous.”

Can anyone help us out with deciphering this one?