For the discerning ultra-geeky, pop-culture-obsessed beer consumer who won’t settle for just any common fictional brewsky, we recommend BenderBrau, a heady ale brewed by robots, for robots, within robots. Not sold yet? Just check out this Futurama video, which illustrates the time-honored BenderBrau production process in action, as Planet Express’s own Bender gives birth (literally) to his first batch of bizarrely concocted beer. How can you resist such a quality product, lovingly gestated by surly, larcenous robots and delivered by their drunken, idiot, wage-slave coworkers? You can’t resist it! You want BenderBrau, so much that you’re willing to wear this BenderBrau t-shirt to profess your loyalty. And that’s just the start. Soon, you’ll begin building your own replica Bender home brewing system, complete with snarky comebacks and synthetic stogie to ensure your homemade BenderBrau has that perfect blend of plastic aftertaste, hateful demenaor, and carcinogens. Goes down smooth.