Cubicle Workers Union local 1337 shirtWhile there seems to be a never-ending debate about whether IT pros should unionize, one thing is for certain — at least the t-shirts would be sweet. And if your boss is one of the vehemently anti-collective bargaining types who cowers in fear at the notion of having to deal with a legion of net admins and DBAs demanding an endless supply of Fritos, Tab, and Mountain Dew as part of their contract, then you’ve got the ultimate weapon of terror in the Cubicle Workers Union shirt.

More to the point, you’re not just from any ramshackle hall in the mighty CWU, you’re from the most notorious chapter in the entire system, Local 1337. The crew that brought down Initech and isn’t afraid to get a little NSFW when a printer gets out of line. And that’s just the beginning, because when the revolution comes, anybody who gets cute with a paper jam gets beat down. Wear the shirt, and get the respect you deserve.