Serenity Dear Buddha shirtThis week’s t-shirt is one of those beautiful geek artifacts that works on many levels, almost all of which are going to confound the muggles and mundanes amongst us. Below a stylized Buddha image, we have the following invocation: “Dear Buddha, please bring me a pony and a plastic rocket.”

This, some may recognize, is a line spoken by Captain Malcolm Reynolds in Serenity, the Firefly spin-off movie. It bespeaks the strange conflation of Chinese and American cultures in this retro-Western future, wherein Buddha has become, ironically, a figure that grants enlightenment through an abandonment of all things material, whilst simultaneously bringing you toys in answer to your prayers and Christmas lists. Plus, he’s asking for a pony and a plastic rocket–a combination typically only the geek girl would want–which is funny on its face, and because in the quoted scene, Mal is disguised as a pseudo-Geisha companion. So, you know, it’s also a cross-dressing joke.

Yeah, it’s less funny when I explain it. But, hey, Serenity shirts from Stylin’ Online. Go buy it and see who laughs. They’re cool. In that great nerdy way.