Each of us has a unique point of view that is just as stupid and wrong as everyone else’s. A point made abundantly clear by the glass half-full/half-empty exercise, taken to its illogical extreme by this Points of View t-shirt. Sure, you have the Pessimist and the Optimist, but what about the Nihilist who disbelieves the glass, the Conspiracist who sees a government mind-control plot at work, or the Opportunist who simply wants to use this whole Rashomon-esque riff to sell chintzy t-shirts? Are their views not valid as well? (No, but neither is yours.) Buy the shirt and prove a point.

That point being you’re helpless before the prospect of wasting good money on a too-clever-by-half t-shirt, simply because it’s sold to you by the Demotivator people. Suckers.