Every geek loves science, but sadly, the mundanes of the world don’t share our profound infatuation with the non-artistic arts. If only there was some pop-media iconography we could deploy in our defense, perhaps in t-shirt form, that would convey exactly how trans-meta-uber-awesome science can be. Aha, Amorphia’s Jeremy Kalgreen has answered our unspoken missives into the ether with this sextet of Science! t-shirts.

Celebrate not just the unmitigated coolness of mushroom clouds, or the unspoken love we all have for mega-industrial cooling towers, but invoke the limitless possibilities of barbecuing vat-cloned micro-tyrannosaurs, giant mecha backup guitarists for your supervillain rock band, macro-amoeba rodeos and the cowboy professors who love them, or the simple joy of inter-dimensionally quantum-copied lovebots.

Science! Wear some today.

(Found via io9.)