Blogito ergo sumFrom ThinkGeek: Snark + Latin + Web 2.0 = T-Shirt. For those of you believe quite firmly that the Internet, journalism–nay, perhaps even civilization itself–reached its zenith with the advent of blogging, we have two gifts for you. First, the t-shirt on the left, which argues that “I blog, therefore I am.” Truly, none but the lowest of forum-trolls could deny the impeccable wisdom of that inexorable axiom. Well, trolls, and pretty much anybody who has ever actually objectively read more than, say, two blogs, especially consecutively. (It’s almost like bloggers have an active hatred for Strunk & White, et al.)

Bomb the blogosphereThe internet, of course, is famed for it’s ability to offer forth counterarguments to virtually any claim (rational or otherwise), and as such, even blog-worshiping t-shirts have their antithetical arch-nemeses. In this case, an article of haughty couture inspired by the Webcomic Questionable Content. Thus, with much overwrought ado, we present with you our second gift, which harkens forth a battlecry for all the flame-weary Netizens: “Bomb the Blogosphere!”