How many times has it happened…you’re working with a number of tabs in Chrome and, for whatever reason, you have to close the browser. Sure you can always set Chrome to save your currently opened tabs, but that’s a one-at-a-time deal. What if you want to save multiple configurations of tabs, so that (with a single click) you could open a group of tabs for work, for research, for entertainment, for news, for social networking, etc. For that, there’s an incredibly well designed Chrome extension called TabCloud. With this extension you can save any number of tab groupings, name them, and access them from any of your devices that work with Chrome.

To make use of this extension, you do have to be signed into your Google account through the Chrome browser(s) in question. You can configure TabCloud to open a collection of tabs in the current window or a new window.

Anyone who happens to find their Chrome browser overcrowded or would prefer to be able to quickly open a collection of tabs needs to install this extension immediately. Let’s do just that and then use TabCloud.


As with any extension installation, all you have to do is follow these quick steps:

  1. Open up your Chrome browser
  2. Point the browser to the TabCloud extension page
  3. Click ADD TO CHROME
  4. When prompted, click Add extension

At this point, you should now see a TabCloud icon in your Browser toolbar. Click on the icon and you will be prompted to login to your Google Account. All you have to do is select which Google account to use and then click/tap Allow. At this point, TabCloud will save your data to your Google Account, so any Chrome browser (with the install TabCloud extension) will have access to your saved instances.

Once installed and signed in, you can click on the Options link and then configure TabCloud to open a collection in either the current window or a new window. That’s it for the options.

Saving a collection of tabs

The process for saving a collection of tabs is simple. Here are the steps:

  1. Open Chrome
  2. Open the tabs you want to save
  3. Click the TabCloud icon
  4. In the top collection, click on the Click to name section (Figure A)
  5. Type a name for the collection and hit Enter when finished
  6. Click on the Save icon associated with the new collection

Figure A

Giving a new collection of tabs a name.

Opening a collection

To open a saved collection, click on the TabCloud icon and then click the + sign associated with the collection you want to open. A new Chrome window will appear, with the proper collection of tabs.

What if you want to add a new tab to a collection? Simple. Open up the collection in question, add a new tab to the window, go to the site you want to add, and (once the site has loaded) click on the TabCloud icon and click the save button associated with that collection. The new site will be added and you’re good to go.

This should be a must-have

If you consider yourself a Chrome power-user, you need this extension. Not only will it save you time, it’ll help you better manage your bookmarks. I would easily consider this a must-have extension for a great many Chrome users.