While we’ve all run across website designs that are unintentionally funny, some people are hard at work to make you laugh on purpose. One site that a colleague sent to me today is a funny idea from the writer/designer of a humor blog called Wondertonic.

The Geocities-izer page allows you to type in a URL and automatically Geocities-ize it! It might be fun to see that slick, sophisticated new design of yours rendered as a Geocities page — or just take one of your favorite websites for a spin to see how it looks. If you’re prone to seizures, however, be careful. All the flashing whirligigs might be dangerous.

I thought it would also be an opportunity to share your favorite humor or satire blogs, tumblrs, and websites that are geared to web designers and developers. Here’s an example from the Onion on the all-consuming issue of font selection.

Have any favorites that always are good for a chuckle? Feel free to add them in the comments below or include a link to one of those unintentionally funny web designs that you’ve run across recently.