With today’s ever-increasing mobility of data—notebooks, PDAs, e-mail, and the Internet—protecting that data from prying eyes should be a major concern for any IT manager. One aspect of protection is encryption: transforming data into a format that cannot be read without the appropriate password and/or keys. Confused by the array of available products? In the following charticle, we aim to provide you with a starting point for your research—in a useful table format. We’ve put some of the key features of several encryption products side-by-side for your perusal, together with links to sites with more information. Figure A is an example of what you’ll find in our encryption products charticle:

Figure A

Our selection of products is by no means exhaustive. We encourage you to participate in the discussion below to share your own reviews of your favorite, or least favorite, encryption products. We have deliberately not included any freeware solutions and only a few shareware, as these will be included in a later charticle. Click here to see the charticle.