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Take advantage of the DATE function

Would you like to know on which day of the week New Year’s Day will fall next year? Or what about your birthday? Determining which day of the week a date will be may sound easy, but it can get tricky.

Excel’s DATE function can make this process painless. Using this function and custom formatting, you can create a worksheet that returns the day of the week for any date.

Follow these steps:

  1. In A1, enter Month.
  2. In B1, enter Day.
  3. In C1, enter Year.
  4. In A5, enter Day of Week.
  5. In B5, enter the following formula:
  6. Right-click B5, and select Format Cells.
  7. On the Number tab, select Custom from the Category list box.
  8. Enter dddd in the Type text box, and click OK.

To find the day of the week for the next New Year’s Day, enter 1 in A2, enter 1 in B2, and enter 2005 in C2. B5 will display Saturday. (By the way, the entry for Month must be the number for the month, not the name.)