So my unwitting (and likely unwilling) Jedi Master John Scalzi posted today that somebody had gone and made the first chapter of his military sci-fi novel The Ghost Brigades available for download–without telling him. It wasn’t illegal–the book’s publisher was responsible–and Scalzi certainly didn’t have a problem with the idea because it helps promo the book, but it would have been nice if somebody had, you know, told the author.

This did get me to thinking, however. Last night, I dashed off a quickly thrown together short story to present to my writers group. Of course, this was our meeting right after July 4th, so all of three people showed up, including myself. I was somehwat happy with the basic story, but it was a very rough draft, and I was hoping for a lot of feedback. My two fellow writers were both very supportive and gave some really helpful criticism, but they both also said I should show the story to more people before I really tore into a redraft.

So, anybody wanna critique my work?

I’ve just posted the rough draft of the story, Victory or Death, to The Written Weird. I’ll keep it up there until Sunday night/Monday morning. If you have some serious editorial feedback to give on the story, please leave it on the other blog (general I like it / I hate it / who are you? feedback can stay here). Monday, it all comes down so I can redraft the work and then submit it for serious publication. This is a one-time short-term preview of my fiction, so take the cheap shots while you can.