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Take this short, multiple choice survey and tell us about how your organization uses—or plans to use—augmented and virtual reality.

Accenture Interactive works with businesses using virtual, augmented and mixed reality technologies The NFL, Whole Foods and Boeing are among the companies that use Accenture Interactive's technologies to better reach customers.

Mixed reality merges together both augmented and virtual realities to create a hybrid real-and-virtual environment. Often used in entertainment and gaming, mixed reality technologies are becoming more commonplace in the enterprise, as it can be used for training, coaching, and remote work, among other purposes. 

How businesses work with mixed reality is the topic of TechRepublic's sister site, TechRepublic Premium's next special feature survey. If you're familiar with your company's plans for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) we want to hear from you. The survey contains nine or fewer multiple choice questions and should take less than five minutes to complete.

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You'll be asked questions about your experience with AR and VR, if your company is adopting AR and VR technology, and how VR and AR vendors can best serve your business.

All respondents will have a chance to enter their email at the end of the survey and receive a free copy of the resulting research report, which is normally only available to TechRepublic Premium subscribers.

We want to know. Take this short, five minute survey and tell us. 
Take the TechRepublic Premium survey on mixed reality in business, and you can request a free copy of the resulting research report.

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