A recent NetAdmin survey indicates that Windows 2000 Server is fast replacing other operating systems in corporate networks and is becoming a critical component in many shops. So a full understanding of how to install Win2K Server is now an important part of the admin’s repertoire.

Are you knowledgeable about the elements that are essential to a successful Win2K Server installation? Take our pop quiz to test your knowledge. The five questions in this quiz are similar to those you’d encounter on Microsoft’s Win2K Server exam (70-215). We’ll provide you with the answers at the end of the quiz.

Important factors to consider before installing Win2K Server include hardware compatibility issues, technical requirements, and Active Directory configuration. Before deploying Win2K Server, you must plan carefully for the transition to ensure that your infrastructure is ready for the new operating system and that the installation and deployment go off without a hitch.

For detailed information about preparing for and deploying Win2K Server before taking our quiz, be sure to visit Microsoft’s Windows 2000 Server Web page, which offers technical information about the NOS as well as advice on planning for the upgrade.

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