Since we pride ourselves on being a truly community-driven site for enterprise developers, it’s often useful for us here at to know what’s on our members’ minds. To that end, we run our technology use survey periodically to get a handle on the technologies you use daily.

The latest version of our survey consists of 28 questions that should let us get to know you better, which will help us make our content mix fit more precisely with your needs and expectations. More than that, though, we think it will be interesting to see what sorts of things you do on the job. You can read on for a little more information about the survey itself, or jump right in, take the survey, and tell us what you think.

Survey structure
If you took our previous survey, this one should look familiar. In the first 23 questions, we ask you to rate yourself on your knowledge of each particular development technology, and place yourself in one of five categories:

  • Never used: This one’s straightforward. Use this answer if you’ve never used the technology in question and have had no exposure to it.
  • Beginner: If you can write very simple programs and have knowledge of the basics of a particular technology, perhaps from a book you read once, you belong in the beginner category.
  • Intermediate: If you have a solid understanding of a technology and can successfully undertake most common tasks, you can label yourself as intermediate.
  • Advanced: To belong in the advanced category, you should have an in-depth knowledge of the technology in question and be able to work through all but the most complex tasks using that technology.
  • Guru: You eat, drink, and sleep this particular technology, know it inside and out, and can answer all but the most arcane questions about it from memory. Having written in-depth (accurate, of course) technical articles, books, or even having helped develop the technology itself will definitely qualify you for guru status.

In the survey’s remaining five questions, we ask you to indicate which technologies you use most often in your job, and then drill down on how you apply those technologies.

The ground rules
Before heading over to take the survey, we need to lay out a few ground rules. If you took the previous technology use survey, you probably know this stuff already. We’ll look at this information only in aggregate; we won’t see individual members’ answers. So, while taking the survey, please be honest. It does none of us any good for you to claim to be a Java guru when in fact your experience has been confined to a recent book you read on the subject.

So, if you’re ready, head on over to our survey area and tell us about the tools you use.