Take your job search mobile with these 4 apps

The next best place to look for a job might just be your mobile device. Check out these apps to help you get started.

4 apps for your mobile job search

The next time you're on the hunt for a job, you don't have to be tied to your computer. Increasingly, you can find tools to search for employment from your mobile device.

Here are four to get you started.

First, there's Jobr. Jobr works a little like Tinder, but don't get any ideas. Job hunters and hiring managers can swipe right or left on each other's profiles depending on if they're interested. If there's a match, they can chat within the app. Free, available on iOS, plans for an Android version.

Second, there's Resume Builder Pro for when you need to build or tweak your resume on the go. Pull info from your LinkedIn, export as a PDF and send that sucker off. $3.99, available for iOS, $2.99 on Android.

Third, there's Jobrio. Instead of bouncing from job search site from job search site, do it from one spot. Jobrio supports 15 different job sites. If there's a particular search you're tuned into, you can get updates when a new posting gets added. Free, available for Android.

And fourth, there's JobCompass. Whether you're trying to stay in your hometown, or planning a move to your dream city, JobCompass gives you job postings based on your phone's GPS, or in relation to an address you specify. Free, available for iOS and Android.

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