As an associate development officer for information systems, TechRepublic member Phil Santo works to support the IS and technology needs for fundraising activities at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

“Although my main strength is in reporting, there is also a significant management component to my position, as I supervise transaction processing and customer relations in a team of four,” Santos said. “As my ultimate career goal is to become a data architect, I am looking for positions that will expand on my reporting and information management experience.”

Santos has been looking for a new position for about one year and says he’s yet to find any “real leads.” He wonders whether the job market in the New York metro area is too congested or maybe the “business intelligence industry is not mature enough to absorb someone” with his skills. Or it could be that Santos resume isn’t catching the eye of IT managers with a need for his talents.

That’s where TechRepublic members come into play. Santos submitted his resume for critique by you, the techs in the trenches. He’d appreciate any feedback you can provide. Take a look at Santo’s resume, shown in Figure A, and offer any insights you have in the discussion below.

Figure A
Santo’s resume

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