When JHicks experienced trouble sending mail on his Outlook 2000/Exchange 5.5, he went to the TechRepublic Forums for help. He posted a 150-point value for the following edited question:

I have Microsoft Exchange 5.5 running on an NT 4.0 Server with Service Pack 6. I’m having trouble sending e-mail. All of my e-mails wind up sitting in the Outbox and won’t send. I have users set up in Windows NT and their mailboxes are setup in Exchange. I added Exchange Server to the services under Control Panel, Mail. What protocols should I be using, and does anyone have an idea why my e-mails are sitting in the Outbox?

TechRepublic members to the rescue
Two IT professionals quickly wrote in with the answer. KGolling provided the first answer. His edited solution was:

Go to Tools | Services in Outlook, and select the Delivery tab. Make sure your Microsoft Exchange Transports are in the correct order. SMTP is the protocol to use to send mail. Check to see if it is disabled. That’s all I can think of.

An additional solution was posted soon after by another IT professional. Synergy’s edited solution was:

Are these internal or external e-mails that are not being delivered? Check the server and make sure the following MS Exchange Services are running: Microsoft Exchange Directory, Microsoft Exchange Information Store, Microsoft Exchange Message Transfer Agent, and Microsoft Exchange System Attendant. If the Microsoft SMTP Service is installed on your server, it should be DISABLED. If you are using the Exchange Internet Mail Connector, make sure that service is also running and properly configured. If you are not using the IMC and are sending external e-mail from Outlook using POP mailboxes, you need to have the appropriate POP mailbox info set up in the Outlook profile on the workstation as an Internet Mail Service, and of course the workstation has to be able to dial out or connect to the Internet somehow through the network (i.e., a Proxy Server or router). If you are using a Proxy Server, you have to make sure the Exchange Server or the workstation is properly configured to send mail out through the Proxy Server.

Both solutions were found acceptable, and KGolling and Synergy split the 150 TechPoints.
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