When you work with a command console, its icon appears on the taskbar along with any other open windows and running programs. By default, the title for the icon and for the console’s window is Command Prompt. That’s fine when you’re working with just one console, but if you frequently work with more than one, you might like a better way to distinguish them.

For example, maybe you’re doing an FTP transfer in one console and local file management in another. Both consoles have the label Command Prompt, although you’ll see -ftp after Command Prompt in the title for the FTP session. If you could change the titles to File Stuff and FTP, respectively, it would be easier to tell them apart. You can use the TITLE command to change the console titles.

Nothing fancy, just TITLE

Figure A

The TITLE command doesn’t have any optional switches. Just open the console and type TITLE followed by the text you want to appear in the window title bar and as the button text on the taskbar (see Figure A). You don’t need to include any quotes; simply type a string of text. Then, when your various consoles are minimized, you can tell them apart on the taskbar (see Figure B).

Figure B

Using desktop shortcuts
If you routinely use multiple command consoles, you can save time by creating multiple console shortcuts on your desktop. You can then give each command console its own title through the General tab of the shortcut’s Properties window (see Figure C).

Figure C