Although the Federal government seems completely helpless

when it comes to providing radios to first responders so police, emergency

management, fire, and EMS workers can actually communicate during a disaster,

at least they have been able to completely foul up the entire digital TV market

in the U.S.

 Since old TVs won’t work when all stations change over to

digital TV, the same people who weren’t able to get water to the New Orleans

Super Dome to save some lives, have decided to take tax money and use a billion

or so to help people buy converter boxes.

 As a final irony, can you believe this boondoggle is part of
a bill euphemistically described as an effort to cut spending!

 But, believe it or not, the $1.5B which is being spent is

actually only half the $3 billion which the Senate wanted – apparently some of

the Senators may own professional football teams and need to ensure viewers.

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this is a major worry for your household.