When interviewing for a job, how do you feel about the team interview? Would you rather meet everyone at once or go through individual meetings with everyone?


Yesterday, I wrote about a TechRepublic member’s experience with an interview that ran longer than he’d anticipated or planned for. This sparked a memory for me of a place I used to work that conducted “team interviews.”

For the purposes of the company doing the hiring, a team interview is meant to give people who will be working with the candidate the chance to vet him or her. It’s done mainly to ensure culture fit.

For the job candidate himself, it can be an intimidating experience. If you’re meeting with a team of people in one room at one time it can seem like the Nuremberg trials.

We were a young company with no HR department, so the managers were setting up the interviews themselves. After we saw the face of the first job candidate who wasn’t expecting the group thing, we made sure we informed them of what to expect when setting up the initial meeting.

I’ve always wondered, though, from a candidate’s point of view, which type of interview would be more uncomfortable. Would you prefer a series of one-on-one meetings that might keep you on the premises for a good portion of your life, or get it all over with at once with one group of people who are firing questions at you like you’re doing the oral defense of your dissertation?