One of the toughest jobs an IT department has to deal with is managing the sea of patches needed to keep a system up-to-date and secure.

TeamViewer is now making it a bit easier for their clients to handle the problem, and on Thursday announced the release of Patch Management, which is part of its larger Monitoring & Asset Management product.

“Patch Management is our integrated solution for SMBs and Enterprises, which enables our users to easily detect and patch vulnerable, outdated software,” said Mike Eissele, chief technology officer at TeamViewer.

“This has been a much-requested feature from our customers and we are happy to finally be able to offer it,” Eissele said.

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Just one missing patch can put an entire system in danger and some IT departments now have to contend with thousands of devices and tools being used across global networks. The idea is that Patch Management will make it easier for IT departments to keep systems up to date by automatically, testing, evaluating and applying patches to systems of any size.

Patches can be added to third-party applications. The new tool will give IT workers greater visibility throughout their system and provide easier methods to catch outdated software.

The new system also allows this to be done remotely, a key struggle for companies that are international. It gives the opportunity to completely automate the patching process.

One feature of the new tool is the ability to see a centralized dashboard of all the printers, routers and switches within a system as well as status updates for each device. The status updates will include things like online state, disk health, CPU usage and more.

“Keeping IT systems up to date is critical, as neglect or outdated software can lead to significant vulnerabilities, making room for cyber attackers,” Eissele added.

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