For the sixth straight year, Sony was named the top brand in the world in The Harris Poll, which surveys U.S. adults. Dell was the runner-up this year, so tech brands were in the top two spots. Kraft, Coca-Cola, and Ford occupied the next three spots.

What’s interesting about this to me is that Business Week also did a recent scorecard on the top global brands and came up with very different results. Business Week rated Coca-Cola number 1, with Microsoft number 2, IBM number 3, GE number 4, Intel number 5, and Nokia number 6. Sony? It was 28th. Dell? It was 21st.

Now, Business Week based its number of the estimated value of the brand, while Harris did a straight poll of adults, so we are comparing apples and oranges in a sense. Still, despite the discrepancies, it was interesting to see that tech companies made up 4 of the top 12 in the Harris Poll and 8 of the top 21 in the Business Week scorecard. Who says tech isn’t hot any more?