HP StorageWorks Tech Day is an invitation-only event for a select group of IT professionals that is going on now in Colorado Springs. I was invited, but unfortunately I could not attend the event this week. Even though I wasn’t able to give you the firsthand scoop, we are in good hands with Twitter and big personalities that make up the event. Attending Tech Day are some of my own A-list technical resources, including those from whom I seek guidance for my own IT practice. Among them are storage expert Steven Foskett, HP storage guru Calvin Zito, and virtualization expert Simon Seagrave. The crowd in attendance is a good mix of storage, virtualization, and IT administrators to present a well-rounded panel.

The goal of Tech Day is to get the word out for various HP storage technologies. And the guys are doing a great job of keeping the world in the loop with Twitter. Be sure to digest all the events by going to the #HPTechDay trending topic. Here are some of the takeaways that the panel has provided that I found interesting:

  • Many storage systems will migrate toward standard x86 / x64 equipment, focusing toward standardized equipment for storage. This includes numbers as high as 80% or more of future storage controller systems will be based on standard equipment in the near future.
  • The highest-end storage will likely remain on purpose-built equipment.
  • Server architectures have advanced very rapidly, due to virtualization and other technologies. Storage systems will need to re-architect rapidly as well.
  • While the HP Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) is a venerable player in the space, the newer top-end storage from HP is the SAN Virtualization Services Platform (SVSP). I have worked with virtualized storage, and trust me, this stuff makes your life easy.
  • HP’s acquisition of LeftHand Networks offers a new segment, a virtual SAN appliance (VSA). We should even soon see a VSA offered for Xen and Hyper-V platforms.
  • Rich Brambley has taken some Tweetphotos during the event, just in case I wasn’t sad enough that I couldn’t make it.

There definitely is a lot of good information on the storage roadmap being exchanged at Tech Day. If you use Twitter, I recommend you check in on the trending topic as more information is sent from HP StorageWorks Tech Day.