I arrived at Tech-Ed 2007 in Orlando last night and I still get that giddy little smile when I arrive at this conference. This is my one week of the year where I fully absorb myself in Microsoft products and learn, learn, and learn. In return, I will provide many tutorials for your reading pleasure throughout the remainder of the year.

This year, they still have the basic Breakout sessions but what I am most excited about is the following:

  • Interactive Theaters
  • Hands-on-Labs
  • Instructor-Led-Labs
  • BlueCasting

The Interactive Theaters are 30-75 minutes and very small; it is a white board format. This is a great way to really dive into an area where you are having an issue.

The Hands-on-Labs are where I spend a good amount of time. They are self paced 30-60 minute labs where you can walk through any Micrsoft product in a virtual machine lab. You can learn a ton this way. I spend at least 2-3 hours a day here.

The Instructor-Led-Labs are 75 minutes and each seat has a computer station so you can follow along with the instructor. This is new and I am excited to try this.

BlueCasting allows you to receive Tech-Ed bluetooth content to your phone if you configure your phone to be discoverable. Whenever you see an area that has a Bluecasting sign, you can retrieve information.