CEOs in the US are betting big on artificial intelligence, according to a report from EY. China is thought to be the biggest obstacle when it comes to AI advancement in the US. CEOs also cited a lack of talent and employee trust as other barriers to AI adoption.

Facebook is no stranger to the news–on our sites we’re taking a comprehensive look at Facebook’s laundry list of privacy issues, including how it relates to Cambridge Analytica, the GDPR, the Brexit campaign.

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Glassdoor is listing the 25 highest paying internships and entry-level jobs for 2019. The paycheck for some of the best tech internships just may surprise you. And speaking of hiring, if you’re in the market for a new position but don’t want to be too tied down, you’ll want to check out our list of 7 companies hiring remote freelance developers, engineers and data scientists right now. According to FlexJobs, IT is one of the top industries looking for remote freelancers.

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