The news from Dice. com is that tech talent poaching will become a frenzy this year, according to hiring managers and recruiters. In a recent Dice study, more than half (54%) of hiring managers and recruiters anticipate that tech talent poaching will get more aggressive this year, while, just three percent of respondents expect a let-up.

More tech projects are getting the go-ahead and companies are looking for experienced IT pros to lead those projects.

Many of the hiring managers polled in the study say that their companies are taking steps to keep their employees from going to the competition, such as offering flexible work hours and increasing salaries.

These managers also weighed in on what would happen to employees who jump to a competitor and then decide it’s not for them. Only 11 percent of hiring managers said they would not allow a former employee to return after being poached, while one-third indicated the opposite. Most hiring managers say it would depend on the individual employee.

I hate to be a cynic (but why change at this point?) but this seems a little too good to be true. What are your thoughts?