Tech Tip: Access additional Outlook features with the Redemption library

Whether you're just beginning to develop applications for Outlook or you're a pro, working around some of the limitations of the Outlook object model can be aggravating. For example, Outlook doesn't expose all item properties. Also, macros run afoul of the Outlook 2000 security patch and similar security features built into Outlook 2002, generating pop-up security warnings.

Outlook Redemption is a third-party Component Object Model (COM) class that exposes additional Outlook item properties and offers other features to assist in Outlook program development, including the capability to work around the security patch. Redemption also enables programs to access the rich text format (RTF) body of an item, import .msg files, work with attachments without first saving them to disk, and perform several other tasks that the Outlook object model doesn't directly support.

Redemption is free if you aren't developing or distributing a commercial application. If you need to distribute the application, you can purchase a license for Redemption. For more information, check out the Redemption Web site.

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