Tech Tip: Add-in takes a new approach to spam control

Spam continues to be a problem for end users and administrators alike. Reducing spam helps users focus on their wanted messages and helps administrators manage mail storage space.

Although Outlook 2003 will add some new antispam features, a single solution isn't always the best approach. Using multiple antispam tools can help weed out unwanted messages. Cloudmark's SpamNet is one tool that can potentially help you get a handle on your users' messages.

The SpamNet Outlook add-in installs on the user's computer and works in conjunction with Outlook to check and process messages that SpamNet determines are spam. The add-in derives a unique signature for each message and compares that signature against the SpamNet central database. If the signature exists in the database, the add-in moves the message to the Spam folder. Users can easily unblock messages that they don't consider spam.

The benefit to the SpamNet approach is that all of SpamNet's users contribute to the spam database. This provides an adaptive approach to controlling spam, keeping pace with changes in the way spammers send messages.

If you prefer a centralized solution that offers the same benefit as SpamNet, consider Cloudmark Authority, a SpamNet gateway solution that blocks spam before it reaches users' mailboxes.

For details on these products, see Cloudmark's Web site.

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