Tech Tip: Automatically adjust column widths in Windows XP

Here's how to automatically adjust column widths.

When performing file management operations in Windows Explorer with the Details view, it can be very distracting if narrow column widths partially obscure some of the information in the columns. On the other hand, one of the columns may be so wide that it pushes the other columns off the screen.

As you probably know, you can manually adjust the width of columns by using the mouse. To do so, first position the cursor over the column divider. When the mouse pointer turns into a doubled-headed arrow, just drag the pointer to enlarge or shrink the column.

In addition, the following two tricks can save you both time and frustration. First, when the mouse pointer turns into a doubled-headed arrow, simply double-click the column border. When you do, Windows XP sets the column width to a size just wide enough to display all of the data in the column.

Second, you can automatically change all columns to the optimum width by pressing [Ctrl] and [+] on the numeric keypad. Windows XP will automatically adjust all columns.

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