Tech Tip: Create a second calendar

Some Outlook users find that cramming both their business and personal schedules into one calendar isn't very convenient. This is particularly true for users who share a calendar with colleagues or publish their calendar as a Web page for others to see.

If your users prefer to keep their personal calendars private, teach them how to create multiple calendars.

Creating a second calendar is extremely easy. Go to File | New | Folder, and designate that the new folder will contain Calendar Items. You can then place this calendar as a subfolder of almost any other folder, although making it a subfolder of the main calendar is probably your best bet.

After creating a second calendar, there are probably a number of personal appointments on the existing calendar that you don't want to re-create. Here are two simple ways to move items from one folder to the other.

  • Drag and drop the items. If there are a large number of items, create a table view of the "old" calendar, and set up a filter that displays only the appointments you want to move. Select those appointments, and then drag and drop them to the new calendar.
  • Go to View | Folder List, right-click the calendar, select Copy Calendar, and select the new calendar as the destination folder. This will copy all of the items from the old calendar to the new one. (This means that you may end up with a lot more items than you actually want.)

Note: You won't receive any reminders from the items on the secondary calendar because Outlook reminders fire only from the primary (or default) folders and not from subfolders.

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