Tech Tip: Customize a view by tweaking columns

Outlook provides the tools users need to customize existing views and create new ones, and it offers considerable flexibility for organizing information in a folder. However, creating a custom view isn't very intuitive to the average user. Teach your users a new skill by showing them how to customize a view using a few easier methods.

Use column headers
The column headers in a view provide the easiest and most direct way to customize a view. A user can click a column header to sort by that column. Clicking the column again changes the sort order between ascending and descending.

Users can also right-click a column and choose Group By This Field to quickly create a grouped view based on the selected column. To ungroup the view, right-click the field, and choose Don't Group By This Field.

Or, right-click a column header, choose Group By Box, and drag any column header into the box to group by that header. To ungroup, drag the header back into the normal view; to hide the Group By Box, right-click a column header and again select Group By Box.

Change columns in a view
It's also easy to add or remove columns from a view. To remove a column, right-click the column header and choose Remove This Column. To add a column, right-click the column headers, select Field Chooser, and drag fields from the Field Chooser dialog box to the column header bar.

Adjust column formatting
Users can also easily adjust columns' formatting. For example, to set alignment, right-click a column, choose Alignment, and select Align Left, Align Right, or Center. To change other column properties (including the column name), right-click the column bar, and choose Format Columns. The resulting dialog box provides options that control various formatting properties.

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