Tech Tip: Customize the OWA 5.5 Checkname feature

Beginning with Outlook Web Access (OWA) 5.5 Service Pack 1, users can check and resolve e-mail recipient names. The OWA default installation limits the number of displayed names to 10.

This limitation can be a problem in organizations that have many variations of the same name in the Global Address List (GAL). For example, if your GAL contains entries for 12 people with the last name Wang, and you attempt to resolve the name Wang in OWA, you will receive the following message:

Too many matches for Wang (12 found)
Ignore this recipient
Delete this recipient

To increase the number of names that OWA resolves, change the iCNMaxResolveNames setting in the file, located in the folder C:\Exchsrvr\Webdata\<locale>. Open the file using any text editor, and change the setting from 10 to whatever number suits your situation. Then, save and close the file. Users will now be able to resolve as many names as your settings allow.

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