Tech Tip: Delegate tasks to multiple people

One of the benefits of using Outlook with Exchange Server is the ability that Exchange Server gives users to assign tasks to others. When you assign a task and a person accepts it, that person becomes the task's owner. When the assignee makes changes to the task, Outlook sends task updates so you can track its progress.

In some situations, you might want to assign a task to more than one person. For example, if your team is preparing the annual shareholder's report, you would want to track each team member's progress.

While Outlook doesn't provide a means to assign a task to multiple individuals and view its status, you can change the way you assign tasks to achieve the same result.

For example, rather than assign a task as a single entity, break up the task, and assign individual tasks or "subtasks" to specific team members. Or, if you need to divide a task among multiple teams, divide the overall tasks into team tasks, and then send these task assignments to each team leader. The team leaders can allocate these tasks to team members. Both you and the team leader can then receive task status updates.

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