Tech Tip: Direct NDR notifications to an SMTP address

Nondelivery reports (NDRs) are often helpful when troubleshooting delivery problems because they usually contain the specific error that caused the delivery problem. Follow these steps in Exchange 2000 to send NDR notifications to an SMTP address:

  1. Open the Exchange System Manager and navigate to Administrative Groups.
  2. Go to Administrative Groups | First Administrative Group | Servers | <your servername> | Protocols | SMTP, and double-click Default SMTP Virtual Server.
  3. On the Default SMTP Virtual Server Properties dialog box, select the Messages tab, and add an SMTP address to the Send Copy Of Non-Delivery Report field.
  4. Click OK to close the dialog box.
  5. Stop and restart the Microsoft Exchange Routing Engine and SMTP services.

The address you specified in Step 3 now receives notification of all NDRs.

If you want more than one person to receive NDR notifications, create a distribution group and populate it with the people who need to receive NDR notifications. Enter the distribution group's SMTP address in Step 3.

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