Tech Tip: Display incoming mail with a fixed-width font

If your users receive a great deal of table data in their Internet mail, they probably want columns to line up as the sender intended. Users could save the message and change the font themselves, but this can be time-consuming if they must repeat the process many times a day.

Changing all incoming mail to a fixed font is a better solution, one that's easily done by an Exchange administrator. If you're using Exchange 5.5, you can force all Internet Mail Service inbound messages to use a fixed-width font.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Exchange Administrator program.
  2. Navigate to the Connections container for the site, and double-click the Internet Mail Service object you wish to change.
  3. On the Internet Mail tab, select the Convert Inbound Message To Fixed-Width Font check box, and click OK.
  4. Stop and restart the Microsoft Exchange Internet Mail Service.

Exchange will now display all incoming Internet mail in a fixed-width Courier New font, allowing table columns in your users' e-mail to line up properly.

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