Tech Tip: Easily identify contacts with automatic formatting

Outlook offers several features to help users locate specific items more easily. For example, you can group a view according to a specific field to organize all items by that selected field.

Automatic formatting is another useful tool for helping users organize items in their Outlook folders. While many users turn to automatic formatting to help flag and identify messages, automatic formatting can also be useful for quickly identifying contacts.

For example, you might shade all contacts for a particular company using a certain color to be able to tell at a glance that a contact works for that company.

To use automatic formatting with contacts, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Contacts folder, and go to View | Current View | Customize Current View.
  2. In the View Summary dialog box, click Automatic Formatting.
  3. In the Automatic Formatting dialog box, click Add, enter a name for the formatting rule in the Name field, and click Condition.
  4. Use the Filter dialog box to specify a condition, such as a specific company name in the Company field.
  5. After specifying the condition, click OK, and click Font.
  6. Choose the color and font characteristics you want Outlook to apply to contacts that match the specified condition.
  7. Click OK to exit all dialog boxes.

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