Tech Tip: Enable users to manage server-side distribution lists

Exchange 2000 and Exchange 2003 support server-side distribution groups that, like distribution groups created locally in Outlook, enable Exchange Server users to quickly address messages to multiple recipients. These distribution groups appear in the Global Address List as well as other address lists created by the Exchange administrator.

In many cases, you might want to enable a user to manage a server-side distribution list, giving that person the capability to add or remove recipients from the list as needed. With this type of distribution group, you don't grant ownership as you do for other objects in Outlook folders or NTFS folders. Instead, Outlook considers the user you've designated as the distribution group manager to be the owner for purposes of modifying the group.

To enable an Outlook user to manage a distribution group, open the Active Directory Users And Computers console in Exchange, and open the properties for the distribution group. On the Managed By tab, click Change. Select a user, click OK, and click OK to close the distribution group properties.

To manage a distribution group, open the Address Book in Outlook, and double-click the group. Outlook displays a property dialog box for the group. You can click Modify Members on the General tab to add or remove users.

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