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Tech Tip: Exclude items from archiving

Users can take advantage of Outlook's AutoArchive feature to automatically move old or expired items to an archive set of personal folders. They can also manually initiate an archive on a single folder and its subfolders to move items from their main data store. These archive features are available to users regardless of whether they use Exchange Server or personal folders to store their data.

Some items that don't need to be kept can be deleted to prevent them from being archived. In some cases, however, users might want to keep an item in their data store but not archive it. For example, old messages or other items they frequently use should remain in the store where they're readily available.

To prevent an item from being archived, either through AutoArchive or a manual archive, mark the item for exclusion. Open the item, choose File | Properties, select the Do Not AutoArchive This Item check box, and click OK. Outlook will exclude the item during the next archive operation.

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