Tech Tip: Flag contacts for follow-up

Most Microsoft Office users are familiar with flagging e-mail messages for follow-up. When you flag a message, you can choose one of several actions, including Follow Up, Call, or Forward. What your users might not realize is that they can also flag their contacts for follow-up.

For example, say you want to make a note to call a person at a specific time to ask about the status of a project. You could create an appointment in the Calendar folder or a note in the Notes folder. However, you're going to need the phone number, so why not flag the contact instead?

To flag a contact, open the Contacts folder, right-click the contact, and choose Follow Up. Outlook opens the same Flag For Follow Up dialog box, but you'll see a different set of options. Your options include Call, Send E-mail, Arrange Meeting, Send Letter, or Follow Up. Whichever action you choose, you can set a due date and time for the action, which causes Outlook to display a reminder.

Flagging contacts offers the same reminder capabilities as an appointment, but users have the added advantage of being able to easily open the contact form when the reminder appears. This simple feature can make the Contacts folder more useful to your users and simplify a common task.

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