Tech Tip: Get ready for Windows Update Services in Windows Server 2003

Here's information about Windows Update Services.

Microsoft's next version of SUS—dubbed Windows Update Services (WUS)—is due the second half of this year. It includes a number of new features that make it easier for administrators to keep software current.

It will, however, retain the same, reasonable price tag: It's included with the operating system at no additional charge, or you'll be able to download it for free from Microsoft's Web site.

Here are some of the features that WUS will offer:

  • Support for patches for Microsoft Office 2003, Windows XP Service Pack 2+, Exchange, and SQL Server: SUS currently supports only Windows patches. Microsoft plans to eventually provide updates for all of its products via WUS.
  • Bandwidth management capabilities: Admins will be able to apply patches to a large number of systems without disrupting network services.
  • Patches based on MSI 3.0: This will require fewer reboots, and the patch files themselves will be much smaller due to MSI 3.0's better compression.

In addition, WUS will offer status reporting, and it will install important driver updates at the administrator's discretion.

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