Tech Tip: Help users identify messages by account

The shift from Corporate/Workgroup and Internet Only modes in Outlook 2000 to a Unified mode in Outlook 2002 makes working with multiple accounts in one profile much easier. Users can include a Hotmail account, multiple IMAP accounts, and multiple POP3 accounts, in addition to an Exchange Server account, in one profile.

While IMAP and Hotmail accounts each have their own set of personal folders (PSTs), Outlook delivers incoming mail from POP3 and Exchange Server accounts to the same location, which could be either the Exchange Server mailbox or a PST. This can make it difficult for users to keep track of the account from which a particular message came.

Showing users how to create rules to move messages from specific accounts into folders other than the Inbox is one solution. Or, you can teach users how to add the E-mail Account column to the Inbox. Right-click the column header, select Field Chooser, select All Mail Fields from the drop-down list, and drag E-mail Account to the header bar. Users can click this column to sort the view by account. To quickly organize messages by account, right-click E-mail Account, and select Group By This Field.

Automatic formatting also provides account origin information at a glance. Choose View | Current View | Customize Current View, and select Automatic Formatting. Add a new filter rule to search for the E-mail Account by name, and set the font for the header to a specific color and/or size.

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