Tech Tip: Host multiple SMTP domains on Exchange 2000

Businesses are finding more and more uses for multiple SMTP domain names. Since registering domains is cheap and easy, chances are you'll face setting up multiple domains sometime soon.

Follow these steps to set up multiple domains in Exchange 2000:

  1. From the Exchange System Manager, navigate to Recipient Policies under the Recipients container.
  2. Double-click Default Policies to open the Default Policies Properties window.
  3. On the E-Mail Addresses tab, click New.
  4. From the New E-mail Address window, select SMTP Address, and click OK.
  5. In the address box, type the SMTP domain name (e.g., you're adding to your Exchange organization.
  6. Select the This Exchange Organization Is Responsible For All Mail Delivery To This Address check box, and click OK.
  7. In the Default Policies Properties window, note that you can either select the check box next to the new SMTP domain to make it the new primary domain or leave the existing SMTP domain as the primary domain. Make your selection, and click OK.

When you click OK, the following message appears:

Address generation for <new SMTP domain> has been enabled for all
newly created Recipients. Do you want to automatically add this
Address Type to all existing Recipient e-mail addresses?

If you want to automatically generate a new SMTP address for all existing users, click Yes. Otherwise, click No so that only newly created users automatically receive the new SMTP address. If you click No, you can manually add the new address to users' mailboxes as needed, or you can create a recipient policy for the users that need the new SMTP address.

To make your change take effect, you'll need to stop and restart the Exchange information store service.

In order for mail to be delivered from the new domains to your Exchange server, you must do some DNS setup. Each domain you host must point its MX record to your Exchange server. If you don't host your own DNS, contact your ISP about making these changes.

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