Tech Tip: Instant message with Kopete

There are many instant messaging clients for Linux. Some target one particular network, while others desire to speak with them all, such as Kopete, a relative newcomer to the world of IM clients.

What makes Kopete worth looking at over the other options? First, it's entirely modular, so everything is a plug-in. For example, it comes with a translator plug-in so you can speak one language and have it translated to the receiver's native tongue. Another plug-in allows you to use GnuPG to encrypt communications. Due to its modular nature, expect to see many unique plug-ins for Kopete that you may not find anywhere else.

Another benefit of Kopete is that it's capable of talking to popular IM protocols, such as AIM, ICQ, Jabber, Yahoo, and MSN. In addition, Kopete can be used as an IRC client. It also handles SMS messaging and Windows "WinPopup" messages.

Lastly, Kopete integrates very nicely with KDE3. To find out more information about this IM client and download the latest version—Kopete 0.6.2—visit the KDE Web page.

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