Tech Tip: Maximize Task Manager's dynamic graphs

The Performance and Networking tabs in Windows Task Manager offer dynamic graphs, such as CPU usage and network usage, respectively. Not only do they display usage information, but they also provide CPU history and the amount of network traffic.

While these graphs are relatively simple in nature, they're extremely useful when gathering information during a troubleshooting expedition. However, the actual graphs are so small that it's difficult to analyze information over time.

Fortunately, Windows XP allows you to enlarge the graphs. When you double-click in the middle of a graph, it expands to fill the entire Task Manager dialog box. (Keep in mind that no matter where you double-click on the Performance tab, the only graph you'll see is the CPU usage.)

If you want an even larger graph, maximize the Task Manager dialog box before you double-click the graph. To return the graph to normal size, double-click it again.

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