Tech Tip: Minimize Outlook 2002 to the system tray

One of the features in the Outlook 2002 beta was the capability to configure Outlook to minimize to the tray rather than to the taskbar. Minimizing Outlook to the tray conserves taskbar space for other applications, which can be important for users who work with multiple applications and frequently have Outlook open at the same time. Although Microsoft removed this capability for the released version, you can still minimize Outlook 2002 to the tray.

An Outlook add-in such as Attachment Options gives users the capability to minimize Outlook to the tray, in addition to simplifying blocked attachments management. But if you only want the minimize feature without the attachment features, you don't need an add-in. Instead, you just need to make a change to the registry.

Open the Registry Editor and add a DWORD value MinToTray to the following key:


Set the value of MinToTray to 1 if you want Outlook to minimize to the tray; set the value to 0 to have Outlook minimize to the taskbar.

When you click the minimize button in Outlook, the program minimizes to the tray, displaying a small Outlook icon there. Simply double-click this icon to restore Outlook to the desktop.

Note: Editing the registry is risky. Before making any registry edit, be sure to first back up the registry so that you can restore it if something goes wrong.

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