Tech Tip: Modify the command prompt's appearance and functionality

Administrators often find themselves at the command prompt for long periods of time. To make the command prompt environment a bit more comfortable, you can customize its appearance.

Right-click the title bar, and select Properties. Here are some of the modifications you can make:

  • On the Options tab, you can set the size of the cursor to anywhere from an underline to a solid, character-size block.
  • On the Options tab, you can also dictate whether the command prompt appears in full-screen mode or in a windowed environment.
  • On the Font tab, you can select the font, font size, and bold (if available) font style.

You can also change the command prompt's behavior to make your life a little easier.

On the Options tab, you can enable QuickEdit Mode to gain mouse functionality for editing items under the Edit menu. In addition, you can activate Permanent Insert Mode to avoid overtyping existing text when editing.

Particularly useful are the Command History Buffer Settings and Number Of Command Buffers. Not only will these options save you some typing, they also will eliminate duplicate commands from the history, saving you the bother of endless scrolling.

You'll find another useful option under the Layout tab. Here, you can set the buffer width and height. With the buffer set, if the content of the window is larger than the window itself, NT applies scrollbars to allow viewing of information that's not visible in the window.

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