Tech Tip: Organize news with NewsGator

Keeping track of discussion groups, e-mail lists, Weblogs, and news feeds can be a chore in Outlook. While Outlook's rules give you the means to organize messages, setting up and managing those rules takes time. Plus, Outlook doesn't provide any means for accessing the thousands of news sites that distribute news via RSS and RDF syndication formats.

NewsGator from Reinacker & Associates, Inc. is a handy program that collects news feeds and places them in a selected Outlook folder. NewsGator scans the news channels you've specified and adds links in the folder to those stories or messages. You simply click a link to open the target site in your browser.

NewsGator offers several options for organizing your news channels. For example, you can use a single news folder to store all items or create individual folders for each channel. You can quickly search for news channels and subscribe to them by right-clicking the channel and choosing Subscribe. Several other options configure connection settings and other aspects of the way the program functions and control how frequently NewsGator checks for new items.

If you spend a lot of your day in Outlook, integrating your Web-based news in Outlook may save you a lot of time. For more information and to download a trial version, check out the NewsGator Web site.

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