Tech Tip: Prevent an assistant from seeing private items

Exchange Server enables Outlook users to delegate one or more folders to an assistant, who can (depending on assigned permissions) view, modify, and create items in a delegated folder. But many users maintain private items in their Outlook folders that they may not want their delegates to see. By default, an assistant cannot view items that are marked Private.

In Outlook 2000 and 2002, the General tab of the Contact form, the Appointment tab of the Appointment form, the Task tab of the Task form, and the Journal Entry form all include a Private check box that you can select to mark items.

To prevent an assistant from viewing your private items, choose Tools | Options, and click the Delegates tab. Select the delegate from the list, and click Permissions. Deselect the Delegate Can See My Private Items option, click OK, and click OK to close the Options dialog box.

Showing your Outlook users how to protect their private items can help them keep their personal information hidden from an assistant. Users may also find this feature useful for preventing an assistant from seeing sensitive business-related items.

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